Aaron Kidney

Aaron Kidney


I graduated from the Creative Digital Media course in 2024. From an early age I have been exposed to all manner of engineering and design , thanks to both my father’s job as a mechanic, as well as the support products I had to use due to my Poland’s Syndrome resulting in the stunted growth of my right hand. My condition did not prevent me from participating in all manner of creative hobbies from painting, drawing, woodwork, music, metalwork, animation and game development. It became clear that I had an immense passion for creation, and I wanted to put those talents to use when it came to addressing issues relating to designs that exclude those with physical difficulties.

For my Final Year Project, I chose to combine the many skills I had acquired over the course of my studies to develop a device to assist me with playing the strings of the guitar with my stunted arm. Prior to this, I had relied wholly on digital audio workstations to produce music and I wanted the experience of playing an instrument live in spite of my disability.

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Course: creative digital media

Year: 2024

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