Annemarie Crowley

Annemarie Crowley


I am a sculptor and installation artist. The modes of making I use are clay sculpting, mould making and casting as well as fabrication and construction. I have chosen to concentrate on leading my creative practice with an attentiveness to materials and process, experimenting with different materials and objects collected, found and recycled. The materials I use are a combination of traditional art supplies, waste materials gathered and re-purposed as well as non-art materials like hardware and building resources

For my current work I have researched into environmental destruction caused by burning of fossil fuels and pollution of the environment through improper disposal of waste, I discovered that the effects of this has caused new microbial toxins to develop which is a major public health issue that affects all biodiversity as they can be fatal once ingested inhaled or absorbed through the body. Due to this toxic cycle, the detrimental and irreversible effects of this damage to the planet, it may lead to our own extinction and a future where microbes are the dominant species.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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