Aimée Leahy

Aimée Leahy


My work discusses the representation of magic, ritual, and superstition through physical objects. I examine practices associated with protection and supernatural beliefs and create my own series of evocative objects and spaces. I look at the notion of magical thinking versus rational worldview, and how physical objects and talismans can represent our vulnerability as people. I take inspiration from bizarre, macabre, and mysterious pieces found in historical collections. I also address herbalism and the ritualistic protective meanings behind plants.

The work is made up of sculpture and installation pieces, including cast elements to replicate found objects and plants. I create casts using a variety of materials including resin and jesmonite, embedding objects and materials within them. I make herbal infusions and incorporate scent into my installations to make the work more experiential.
Artists that inspire my practice include Richard Proffitt, Dorothy Cross, Katharine Dowson, and Annie Cattrell.


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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