Audrey Byrne

Audrey Byrne


Welcome to my Final Year Project 'The Land of a Thousand Welcomes & Even More Goodbyes'.
My Final Year Project is an illustrated book influenced and inspired by what took place in Ireland's Mother and Baby Homes. In carrying out my Final Year Project I wanted to educate myself and the people around me on what was carried out. Throughout the book it tells the story of a young woman called Mags and her experience within such institutions. The story itself is fiction however, by talking to survivors and researching deeper into the history I was able to create my own narrative with all the information I had accessed. Through the imprint of illustration, I wanted to bring these happenings to light accompanied by my story and personal accounts.
To see the whole book in motion please check out the Youtube link..

Audrey Byrne:: Image/Video


Course: visual communication

Year: 2021

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