Bríanna Ní Léanacháin

Bríanna Ní Léanacháin


My current work is rooted in personal experiences of home, identity, ‘Irishness’ and seeks to explore the position and experience of the female in traditional and contemporary Irish culture. Through Installation I attempt to dismantle the nostalgia propagated by romanticised notions of traditional Irish identity and deconstruct the inherent patriarchal discourses associated with rural Ireland. I displace domestic labours within the rural landscape, challenging traditional tropes of the landscape as a female space and seeking to reclaim this feminine space and emphasise the ‘invisible’ labour of women in rural homeplaces.
Using performance, sound, printmaking, and sculpture I attempt to create an immersive space that induces the subjective experience of qualia in the viewer. The materiality of the work attempts to evoke a merging of the domestic and the rural spaces as I reclaim and reconstitute these spaces as a site of convergence.


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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