Bryan Seale

Bryan Seale


Hello, my name is Bryan! I’m a graphic designer with a detail orientated and research led practice. I’m focused on creating imaginative, considered, and interesting designs, while ensuring that the individual requirements of each brief are met in the most appropriate and fitting way.

Literally Everything is Subject to Change is a process-based exploration of my creative process after five years of design education. It’s a 134-page book, spread out over eight sections. Through the use of typography (both hand-rendered and traditional) mark making, illustration, photography, linework, (minimal) colour, and layout, it is a showcase of everything I love about design. It is a reflective work, but a lot of our experiences as design students are universally shared, so I hope there’s something to be found for everyone in it.
My creative process will change: this is what it looks like after five years of design education.

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Course: visual communication

Year: 2021

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