Christian Connolly

Christian Connolly


My practise incorporates a range of media that incudes painting, print, and drawing. These processes
are developed together to explore humanities relationship with its creations. In conjunction with my
drawings, I use imagery of my surroundings to create links between historical references and
technology. This is to highlight significant issues associated with such creations. My Practice also
focuses on the progression of understanding trends between generations from our oldest civilizations
to present day. This progression of knowledge uncovers the true evolution of human nature.

Human history and Philosophy under pin my practise as they reveal the consistencies of human nature and
the inconsistencies of human senses. I draw inspiration from Surrealist artists of the past such as
Yves Tanguy and Max Ernst for their focus on philosophy and the metaphysical as well as
contemporary artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Dorothy Cross for their use of visual metaphors
and analogies.


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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