Cliona Ahern

Cliona Ahern


Hi my name’s Clíona and I’m a graphic designer who’s main passion is illustration. The goal behind my project “Confessions of a Dumb Bitch” was to visualise these ridiculous and hilarious stories in order to show that being an idiot is something we can all relate to and it’s important to never take yourself too seriously. I love experimenting with different mediums and different methods of image making when I illustrate. For my project, my illustrations were a mixture of acrylic paintings and digital line drawings. I love using mediums like paint, oil pastels and ink for my illustrations before I scan them in digitally because I feel it gives me more freedom to be as loose and messy with my image making as I like. I wanted my illustrations to be somewhat chaotic in order to match the chaotic energy of the stories that accompanied them.


Course: visual communication

Year: 2021

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