Eadaoin Flynn

Eadaoin Flynn


My work is interested in subverting traditional notions of identity, with a focus on female identity within relationships, often situated within a domestic setting. I utilize found footage from contemporary films, combining them with my own footage and sound to create a new narrative.
Drawing on filmmakers Joey Solloway and Chris Kraus, I explore my own version of the female gaze through a darkened landscape of poetic narrative. I present my own writings in subtitles, utilizing object symbolism and metaphor, specifically the overwhelming power of nature. Through the use of secondary footage, my work also addresses the postmodern question of authorship/originality, and the traditional distinction between mainstream and arthouse film.
Although the portrayal of my primary theme may vary slightly in each video, the methodology of my work remains consistent. I record my own footage and sound, as well as engaging in an extensive computer-based research and editing process.

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Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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