Elena Burke

Elena Burke


In my work I am focused on the subject of the figure within the natural landscape. I am interested in the concept of Arcadia from Greek mythology, and the idea of a utopian and unspoiled environment. I am drawn to old photographs and places where nature and the man-made are connected. These places remind me of my garden from years ago and this memory influences my work today, as it gives me hope for the future in these unprecedented times. Working in the mediums of charcoal, graphite, eraser and stencil I primarily draw women situated within nature. I find charcoal to be a forgiving material and like clay it can be added to or taken away with ease. Through this process of layering and erasing forms on the paper become more tangible to me. My work is influenced by artists such as Kathe Kollwitz who uses charcoal to depict the anxiety she experienced in her life-time


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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