Franka Flötgen

Franka Flötgen


The environment I grew up in my native Germany has changed drastically in recent years, and sadly, the change is accelerating. In my childhood, we had snow for three months every year, now we have none. Development is encroaching on the forests, and as the cities grow, we generate more and more waste.
My work talks about our indifference to climate change and human pollution. I work with drawing, collage and photography. All my materials are repurposed, non toxic and plastic free. Some photographs are snapshots taken with a low quality camera, reflecting the fleeting nature of our engagement with what we consume, and the waste it generates. Others are from my family archive.
Some of my influences are: Kathleen Thum, an American artist who makes drawings of coal and other fossil fuels; Tjibbe Hooghiemstra, a Dutch environmental artist who often draws on water-saturated surfaces; and Olafur Eliassons, who takes ice broken off from glaciers in his native Iceland, and leaves it to melt in public spaces in cities such as London and Berlin


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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