Gabriele Baranauskaite

Gabriele Baranauskaite


Hi there! My name is Gabriele but you can call me Gabs! I have a great passion for graphic design and love to express and communicate my ideas visually across multiple disciplines such as typography, conceptual typographic experimentation, mark making and collage. I also love making new connections and learning from others.
My Final Year Project focuses on the topic of Toxic Positivity. Throughout this project I have combined both my passion for expressive typography and my deep frustration on the subject of toxic positivity, bringing awareness to the importance of accepting and embracing the darker aspects of ourselves. Toxic Positivity covers up and silences the human experience. Society today has forced us into a state of mind where we are expected to stay positive and think positive all the time, frankly this needs to change.


Course: visual communication

Year: 2021

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