Jordan O'Brien

Jordan O'Brien


The work is an exploration of one figure's role in portraying the psychological aspects to an everyday family dynamic when it has fallen apart. The practices involved are photography, performance and sculpture. These are incorporated into photo-sculptures of isolated moments in a staged performance.
Within this body of work are 3 separate houses, a house per parent and a limbo space where the figure resides in a fantasy from his past. The figure contemplates which parent to join and which to drift away from. Only 1 house can be called a home. The pull from either side comes when you are stuck in the middle of two parents, this draw has an intensity that derives from decades of family life leading to an immediate decision. Everyone has one home they remember so fondly, the figure yearns this and the tension gathers when the figure must make his choice, where to live and who with?


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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Photography: Seán Daly