Kane Curtin

Kane Curtin


Hi, my name is Kane and I’m a graphic designer. I’m drawn to anything creative and exciting, and throughout my work aim to try and adapt new things that Inspire me throughout my life. My main interests are branding, typography and image making. I like my designs to be fun, bright, bold and light hearted, and to use both still and motion solutions where I can, depending on the outcome.
My final year project is an experimental book called Learning to Bark: Bridging the Disconnect. In this book, I want to look at the obvious relationship that exists between people and dogs – you ask anyone with a dog and they will have some standard knowledge of what a dog does, and what they mean to them – yet being two different animals, an obvious disconnect must exist between us. I want to explore this light heartedly and simply through gathering some facts and research, while also looking at my own memories and associations I have gathered about dogs throughout my life.

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Course: visual communication

Year: 2021

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