Kayleigh Maimaran

Kayleigh Maimaran


My work explores a psychological space through an immersive video and sound installation. Placed in a fully darkened room, the installation uses the ‘Pepper's Ghost Effect’ to create the illusion of a holographic display that gives the viewer an insight to an unknown world.
The work looks at the psychological space from a 'feeling space' point of view, which is one aspect of the psychological space. As this kind of place goes beyond our measurable world, the piece aims to visualize an invisible territory and attempts to create an ambiguous atmosphere of vagueness and calmness.
The video animations depict an abstract architectural landscape, playing with a high contrast of light and shadow, to reflect the vagueness of our subconscious.
The holographic projections are placed on plinths in different heights, to encourage the viewer to engage with the piece, as the installation invites the viewer to physically experience space.

Kayleigh Maimaran:: Image/Video


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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