Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien


My work is titled “Setting the Scene”. Through photographic images of the landscape and nature, including a wide variety of subjects and locations across Cork and Kerry, I share the hidden stories in these places. I believe that the sites we visit and wander into have something to share with us.
For years I’ve had a fascination with the natural environment. Every place is unique, no two places are the same. I wish to highlight how we can communicate and appreciate the natural distinctiveness that is around us.
When it comes to capturing the work, I tend to “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later”. Overtime the stories begins to reveal themselves. One image could be understood as a visual metaphor for the human psyche, whilst another might be a representation of current events. My images are about seeing the world in a new light. This can be beneficial for all viewers.

‘Setting the Scene’ Book


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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