Luna Torresel Rave

Luna Torresel Rave


Through a combination of jarring video and sound focused on both spaces that might be comfortable to us and those that are unknown, my work explores what it means to be displaced, and questions the possibility of integrating oneself into an unknown environment.

These videos juxtapose spaces such as the family garden or kitchen with night time motorways and train journeys. The strange and unknown that one experiences during a journey clashes with images of the warmth of home, in an attempt to highlight the emotions one experiences when displaced. I aim to portray the contradictions between immersing oneself and feeling alien to an environment, and ultimately creating a hybrid between two spaces.

To convey the feelings of confusion and misunderstanding inherent when people are thrust into a new, unknown environment, this work attempts to create a sense of the uncanny by familiarising the viewer to it and then distorting this familiarity.

Luna Torresel Rave:: Image/Video


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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