Meadhbh Healy

Meadhbh Healy


My work reorders familiar domestic space using photography, collage, photo-sculptures and installation. Through these making and display processes, and influenced by set design and stock images, I create – a staging of a staging – allowing a 3D experience of the construction of an image. The figure is a vital part of my work as it allows interaction and a sense of play. Using the avatar of ‘Mini Meadhbh’, I appropriate stock image poses used for commercial purposes. ‘Mini Meadhbh’ takes over scenes playing roles including producer, set designer and chief electrician. The chosen scene is arranged, shot and assembled small scale, and shot again using studio lighting. This transforms the routine scene into a dramatic stage set-up. These images are printed large scale with figures seemingly making their way out of the image into the space of the installation to interact with the audience, making them part of the image’s scenario.


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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Photography: Seán Daly