Peggoty Ransely

Peggoty Ransely


My sculptural practice entails the construction of life size sculptures of horses, designed to symbolise their historical exploitation.

I am fascinated by the horse - it features heavily in art history, often as a symbol of power. Once a hugely important part of society, central to transport, farming and warfare. Automation now fulfils these roles, and the horse is now viewed as frivolous, a source of beauty and entertainment - forgotten and neglected once it is no longer deemed useful.

My sculptures are made from 6mm steel bars bent by hand and welded. The result resembles the horse’s skeleton, which I then sometimes cover in waste materials - reused feed bags, plastic nets etc... I also like to incorporate natural materials such as mud, grain and grass into my work, referencing, materially, the ancient and enduring nature of the horse and its complicated and close relationship with humankind


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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