Sarah Browne

Sarah Browne


My work is two Large sculptures that are constructed from steel banding and domestic objects. It is a visual representation of the emotions I feel towards being a mother and a student. At times I can feel knotted, pulled and twisted between the two, this can make my day to day busy and overwhelming. This is what I wanted my work to reflect.

Using the Banding allowed me the freedom to express these emotions. But looking more into the use of banding, allowed me to understand how meaningful it is to my work. The Banding is wrapped around objects in an effort to support and secure, for me this related to the roles of a mother.

The domestic objects used, was a cot and strollers that was used by my own children. The method in my work was to wrap and knot the steel banding around these objects over and over until they then became one.


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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