Stephanie Brewster

Stephanie Brewster


My art practice incorporates the media of printmaking and collage to explore ideas of ceremony
and ritual. I am particularly interested in shaman rituals, such as Ayahuasca ceremonies and the depiction of monsters and creatures that derive from early Celtic art, Tarot card illustrations and Greek mythology. I use collage to juxtapose imagery from ancient art, drawing inspiration from medieval time and early cave paintings, shamanism and witchcraft. The act of layering prints through a collage-like process refers to the different stages of trance in shaman ritual. Through print collage
I place value on the various stages of the working process by repurposing throwaway materials such as registration and test prints to generate back into my work. While looking at ancient ritual I print objects that are considered high-value, such as the Grecian vase. I am interested in how this high-art antiquity can be reinterpreted through the repurpose of low grade materials in my work.


Course: fine art

Year: 2021

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