Tomas Cuddihy

Tomas Cuddihy


My profile: My name is Tomás Cuddihy. I am passionate about any aspect of design in general but my true devotion is to video editing, Illustration, writing and Innovation. I love problem solving, creating concepts and using them to communicate and connect with an audience. I like to collaborate and can also work alone, I like to explore ideas and concepts and enjoy the synergy of investigating these ideas and concepts with others, both clients and colleagues.

What I have chosen to do for my final year project is a graphic novel on dementia. It is a condition prevalent in Ireland that afflicts people and those around them. My intention is to make a plea to those unfamiliar with the condition to exercise patience if/when they come across a sufferer of the condition.

Tomas Cuddihy:: Image/Video


Course: visual communication

Year: 2021

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