Ashiling Walsh

Ashiling Walsh


One in four women who have been in a relationship have been abused by a current or former partner. This body of work explores themes of feminism, specifically the female experience relating to domestic violence in Ireland. My practice is highly engaged with politics and current affairs and as a female artist, I was compelled to make this body of work as I feel passionately about injustice and abuse of privilege. My work is rooted in the process of making, creating a strong space that conveys a heightened sense of emotion for the viewer to engage with the work on a visceral level. This is accomplished through a mixed media approach, employing traditional female crafts such as sewing, applique and crochet, as well as traditional and non- traditional printmaking techniques. Bright colours are used to soften an uncomfortable topic, while tactile materials create an approachable pathway. Together these open the topic to begin a conversation.


Course: fine art

Year: 2022

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