Béibhinn O’Hair

Béibhinn O’Hair


Intimacy within the domestic space has been a continuous curiosity of mine over the years. The intimate nature of living in or visiting an enclosed space. The act of sitting down and observing every crevice of it. No matter how individual a living space is, there is this innate sense of the familiar that emanates from it. The sense that it has been lived in and touched by someone, in a sense.

As Irish people, hospitality is ingrained in us. If one has visitors, there is an immediate need to feed and welcome them with the warmth of a hot beverage. Emerging from the isolation of lockdowns, I want to encapsulate the joy of a hospitable social space and the sharing of it with others. This warmth is something I aim to capture in my work through expressive colour and simplified forms.

I am inspired by the artists, David Hockney, Tony O’Malley and William Scott. They all use colour and form in such individual, expressive ways I admire. I mainly work with materials such as acrylic paint, oil pastel, fibre and paper, occasionally using digital drawing and found objects.

I hope my work will evoke a sense of home for whoever visits.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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