Camilla Corti

Camilla Corti


My practice is based on multiculturalism in border territories. I focus on how cultural and national identity collide and merge through visual language. In my practice I elaborate on the idea of the “homeland”, it being a physical territory or an ethnic community. Using inherently domestic crafts such as embroidery and weaving, contrasting with industrial material such as metal and nails, my aim is to contemporize century old practices. The use of heraldic animals, nationalistic symbols and folkloristic figures within the textile work blurs the line between the public and the personal sphere. Using the performative aspect of skills passed down through family heritage I engage in social/political commentary. I want to examine that cultural identity is by far more complex than the language one speaks or the location one lives in, and that the merging of said cultures enriches all parties involved if conflict is actively avoided.


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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