Camilla Winqvist

Camilla Winqvist


I use paintings, sewing and costume making, as well as video to parody the online culture known as “cottagecore”. “Cottagecore” is a social media aesthetic that focuses on the rural aspects of everyday life but presented through a glorified and heavily edited point of view. Even though I aim to criticize the irony that comes from frequently posting staged and edited photographs online as a way of distancing oneself from modern life and technology, I also want to appreciate the aesthetic and the online community that’s associated with “cottagecore”. I use heavily saturated colours and fictional landscapes to create a dreamlike, made-up world in which I critique the overly staged and produced side of online aesthetics. I’m inspired by storybooks, commercial magazines, and kitsch, and my goal is to show an overly exaggerated world that raises questions about our views of the perfect world, social media, and online culture.

Camilla Winqvist:: Image/Video


Course: fine art

Year: 2022

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