Ciara Ryan

Ciara Ryan


My practice is primarily centred around expanded forms of printmedia and strongly relies upon print culture and its logic of the archive, whereby the past is restless in the present. It draws on the writings of Marcel Proust and Henri Bergson as well as artist Deidra Brollo, whose works contemplate ideas of spontaneous recollection and the ideas that involuntary memory is an impression from the past that joins a perception in the present.

Through the use of mnemonic strategies, I attempt to create a body of work that has the potential to elicit acts of spontaneous recollection in the viewer. The use of objects and photographs have become important elements in my work. Objects carry traces and become meaningfully inscribed through interaction and use, and photographs serve involuntary memory in the way it may unexpectedly harbour a pathway to another point in time, therefore they act as mnemonic ques emphasising that memory is about the juxtaposition of past and present moments. By employing an interactive element, I create a ‘play for time’, an attempt to allow the viewer necessary time to elicit a sense of familiarity, a recognition of actions or to recover ‘lost’ time as a means of co-opting the viewers own recollections and locating them both in their own experience and another’s at the same time.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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