Conor O’Brien

Conor O’Brien


My work looks to draw comparison between the marginalised queer body and alien forms of life. Life forms who respond to the world in immensely different ways than our own limited anthropocentric view. Forms of life native to earth but if put in science fiction would believably represent our idea of extraterrestrial life. Such as fungi or marine life hidden deep beneath the ocean. Pulling on representations of the unknowable and incomprehensible, like the Eldritch Terrors of H.P.

Lovecraft, the imaginings of H.R. Giger or encounters with the divine angels of biblical canon.

My paintings are a portal or gateway to an imagined reality with life that has evolved far beyond our understanding. The visitors we encounter in my paintings don’t resolve into coherent bodies, they appear to fluctuate, never resting, ever growing. They are confrontational, asserting themselves, reaching out into your space.

As trans/genderqueer people we do not need to justify our existence or identity to anyone. By merely existing we dismantle and reject preconceived ideas of gender. This may frighten or disturb people, just as my visitors may evoke the same reaction. However to me they represent something beautiful. They are defiantly and boldly themselves which cannot be ignored and is a joyous expression of the queer body.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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