Ebon Creedon

Ebon Creedon


My oil paintings feature depictions of the Irish landscape, placed alongside religious elements. Referencing personal religious objects, and Catholic iconography, combined with images of the Macroom landscape, which is where I grew up, my work aims to explore the shift in societal attitudes towards religion and Catholicism in Ireland in recent years.

I am interested in the changing nature of religion in Ireland, and how it has evolved in recent decades. I take inspiration from the extreme prevalence of Catholicism in Ireland, and the changing attitudes towards the church, and its values itself.

Focusing on religious elements that are commonly seen in Ireland, including religious statues, grottos and churches, specifically those seen in Macroom. These serve as clear reminders of Ireland's deep-rooted connection to Catholicism, and reflect the influence it has had in shaping the values, and landscape of Ireland.


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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