Hayley Linehan

Hayley Linehan


My name is Hayley Linehan and I have completed a BA (HONS) in Creative Digital Media (CDM) at Munster Technological University. My most valuable skills are research and creative problem solving. Teamwork and communication come to me naturally. I like a challenge and enjoy learning new things. Throughout the CDM course and entrepreneurial extra circular activities, I have created digital content in many different areas such as promotional videos, images, and websites. I am skilled in using Adobe Suite programs such as After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I have experience in a Creative Marketing Intern role for over half a year at Wavebreak Media. There I created image and video templates along with being tasked with research and asset management for blogs and an e-book. I also gained experience in social media promotion in creating ad campaigns for various social media platforms. I also created promotional images, wrote ad copy, responded to commenters, and created reports.

Hayley Linehan:: Image/Video


Course: creative digital media

Year: 2022

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