Isaac Juhl

Isaac Juhl


My work draws visually from technical drawings and scientific diagrams. I alter materials using various drawing surfaces and varnishes to exhibit antique and organic character. Thematically, my work is anchored in knowledge lost to history, whether it be relics, ritual, scientific practice, or language. I investigate artefacts, real and imagined throughout my work and pair them with found objects. This idea of lost knowledge is an important reflection of my identity as a first-generation immigrant, being the first generation in my family to not be able to speak Danish fluently, and second to not speak Irish.

My experimentation with fumage and wet on wet processes has significantly influenced my work. I combine these techniques with my material process by distilling the mediums behind my work into basic elements, creating pigments and inks from organic matter, and rendering fat into solid casting material. Creating my own medium is an integral part of my artistic process.


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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