James Patrick Clancy

James Patrick Clancy


My work engages with the emerging Symbiocene era. Glenn Albrecht, an environmental philosopher, proposed the term ‘Symbiocene’ to oppose the harmful “Anthropocene”. Where the Anthropocene focuses on visions of the planet's apocalypse and the current climate emergency, the Symbiocene emphasises hope and symbiotic relationships and its possibilities if we shift our viewpoint. In my work I reflect that in my use of mixed media, casting, and mono print to create an installation that features textures, imagery and reflections of bacteria and fungi which represents their own mutual and beneficial connection to the planet. In collaboration with the Department of Biological Sciences (MTU), I collected soil samples from my home in East Cork and grew my own cultures in agar. Organic patterns and foraging for objects inspire my art and lead me to gain a deeper relationship between the hidden side of nature.


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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