Jemima Recks

Jemima Recks


My work focuses on the topic of narrative and confession, using myself as the model but from an objective view. I am responding to the patriarchal pressures and social norms forced upon us from a young age.

I have developed a process of creating my compositions in an isolated setting, confronting my insecurities by drawing my body from life or through mirrors.

Challenging this natural instinct of fight, flight or freeze, noting my toxic narrative while drawing these insecurities.

Drawing on bedsheets to bring the viewer into the space where my process happens but also in reference to the vulnerability and sensitivity of this topic. The bedsheets being a universal metaphor for the decision making to allow someone access to your bed and the sacred relationship of humans to these materials that touch our skin.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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Photography: Seán Daly