Karolína Janusová

Karolína Janusová


My name is Karolína Janusová and I am a graduate of Creative Digital Media course at MTU. I’ve always been passionate about design and photography and this course allowed me to explore it in depth. I also found interest in graphic design, UI/UX design, web design, and digital art during the course. I was able to combine those in my final year project called Slow Photos.

Slow Photos is an app that promotes slow photography and turns your phone into an analog camera. You will have a limited amount of photos to take each week to make you think about each shot and to be more present. The photos will have to go through the darkroom feature in the app to get developed and revealed. The photos you decide to keep will be stored in a photo diary with the option to print them out and get them delivered.


Course: creative digital media

Year: 2024

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