Kate Lauren Dukelow

Kate Lauren Dukelow


My work focuses on the everyday, particularly the beauty in the mundane, and expressing what I see. I purposely use analogue photography with a range of display methods. My view of the world is grainy due to my visual snow. The grain of photographic film is and so it’s more entwined to how I experience the world around me. My photographs take the form of 2D prints with clear wall hangings to showing my hand in the process of installation. I explore the passing of time, in everyday, doing so by taking images of the same item or scenario each day. I am drawn to colour, architecture, flowers and formal lines. I portray my subjects in an intimate and, documentary style showing the spaces I occupy. I aim to encapsulate the act of looking for myself. I play with the concept of what someone surrounds themselves with and what they notice first in an environment. I rarely shoot self-portraits, though my photographs act as self-portraits through the acts of looking and photography. With them grouped together for installation, these images act as one.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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