Kathy Cronin

Kathy Cronin


My practice investigates human displacement through the curatorial phrasings of my acrylic paintings by encouraging them to assume the form of dwellings. Through expanded display, the paintings echo themes of diaspora by manifesting in unfamiliar territories where they seek sanctuary amidst displacement.

Historically used in transporting goods but also prominent within construction, the hessian material my paintings employ further references both displacement and the domestic.

Through unorthodox phrasings of considered materials and media, my work disrupts preconceptions of painting. This deconstruction nurtures an authentic search for a representation of the maternal home that transcends physical realization and pursues a holistic essence of familial sanctuary.

My figurative paintings embrace visible brushstroke and overlapping composition to resist the stagnancy of refinement, thus infusing the work with a sense of vitality. I draw on sacred texts for inspiration, allowing the ancient allegories to flow through my work into a secular, contemporary context.


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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