Lara Quinn

Lara Quinn


My visual practice investigates the seams where the sacred worship of religious iconography intersects the secular viewing of art, subverting the gallery space into a site of worship.

By harnessing archetypal content rooted within mythology, I intend to challenge what is considered ‘sacred’ in art by revealing the latent role of religious myth as an allegory for that which is inherently internal and psychological.

In the process of reconceptualising the legend of Lilith, whose tarnished legacy is deeply entrenched within the matrix of Eden, I am employing her as a vessel to contextualise my own subjective experience within the garden of the collective unconscious. The representation of Lilith as a religious icon elevates her beyond the role of the artist’s muse and compromises the tradition of the sacred.

The composition of relics alongside my oil paintings, a triptych preserved with protective, skeletal frames, reinforces the sanctity of this process.


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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