Lisa O’Sullivan

Lisa O’Sullivan


Using elements of print, drawing, photography, sculpture, video & performance, my work draws inspiration from folklore and ritual. I am interested in mapping a territory where landscape, ceremonial acts and the marking of time meet, finding new resonances in old practices as a way to navigate the current climate and ecological crises.

My work looks at folklore as a lens for exploring the metaphysical space between nature and humans. It considers how environmental and ecological collapse require urgent re-engagement with old forms of knowledge and wisdom, in the effort to reimagine better ways of co-existence with nature. I examine how ritual and reconnection to the natural world during an unprecedented time of failing systems and global uncertainty, might act as tools of transformation. Central to the work is an investigation questioning if re-enchantment with nature through folklore could be a potent agent for resistance, change and renewal.

Lisa O’Sullivan:: Image/Video


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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