Martyna Krawczyk

Martyna Krawczyk


Hello, my name is Martyna Krawczyk! I am a graphic designer with a focus on Branding, Packaging Design and Illustration.  I am passionate about everything I do and I try to push myself to improve as much as I can. I love making new connections and learning from others (you learn something new every day right?)
For my final year project I have decided to create a book about myself and my family coming over to Ireland. At the age of six, my parents and I moved to Ireland. Moving away from an established network of friends and family as well as your routines and surroundings can be traumatic for a child at any age, especially when a different language is involved. The book talks about my life once we moved over, the good choices we made as well as some questions answered.


Course: visual communication

Year: 2022

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