Melanie McGrath

Melanie McGrath


My practice is a socially engaged investigation into the urban space and the culture within. In particular graffiti, marks, imprints and layers act as a sketchbook of ideas for further works. I look at these marks left behind in the city and read them as a palimpsest. I choose specific sites to research that contribute to my work. Derelict sites are of interest due to the vast amount in my surrounding area and my urge to highlight this issue. Site orientated research has led me to a number of liminal spaces around Cork City such as properties on Barrack Street, Father Mathew Street, Evergreen Street and Albert Road. From working in such sites, I gather text from the property itself, either sprayed on a wall or words gathered from found content. While researching, I gather imagery from each site and translate these photographs into screen-prints. I use building material to create an immersive installation and to capture the essence of the urban scape. By combining these three elements I recreate a site within a studio space, capturing the energy of the city. I work with large scale and three-dimensional pieces to represent the scale and abruptness of urban life.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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