Morag Ransley

Morag Ransley


My work consists mainly of watercolour paintings and installation. I am inspired by childhood, dreams, time, home, and my experience of psychosis. I create a dreamlike world where I merge childhood with adulthood to create an unsettling, uncanny atmosphere to portray a feeling of dissociation or detachment from reality. In my paintings I build up lots of layers to convey a dreamlike world, as well as the layers and layers of time and experiences we have as human beings. A lot of my work is inspired by and focused on a derelict pink cottage. I use the cottage as a metaphor for my own thoughts and feelings and I try to show the connection to the cottage by wearing matching colour dresses. I try to show that there can be beauty in the used, the broken and the discarded-which is where forgotten childhood toys come into play as well.


Course: fine art

Year: 2022

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