Murrough O’Donovan

Murrough O’Donovan


In my practice I am currently exploring ideas of urbanisation, deforestation and humanity’s destruction of the natural world. Using sculpture, I want to express feelings of violence and abuse in an effort to portray the damage humanity has done to nature.
I make my sculptures and installations out of broken branches and logs from trees that have fallen in the woods surrounding my home in West Cork that are potentially threatened by the expansion of the nearby town. I manipulate the wood in violent ways that risk potentially totally destroying the branches; drilling, carving, hammering, burning and cutting. I want my sculptures to look as though they have been attacked and mutilated. I also carve patterns into the wood and reintroduce pieces of wood that I want to represent the exploitation of the natural resources of the world to create our cities and infrastructure.


Course: fine art

Year: 2024

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