Niamh McManus

Niamh McManus


My work focuses on the domestic space as a place where one can achieve solitude, which was a notion explored by the philosopher Gaston Bachelard in The Poetics of Space. The absence of figures and empty space within the compositions aims to evoke the psychological state of being alone with oneself.
Each interior is an amalgamation of different features from previous homes I have lived in. This process was influenced by Bachelard’s view that one’s dream house should combine the opposing characteristics of both a manor and a cottage. The method of creating imaginary spaces is visually referenced in the limited palette along with the distinct use of line and form. Other influences include the use of light and shadow in the photography of Roseanne Lynch and the quiet interiors of Vilhelm HammershØi.


Course: fine art

Year: 2022

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Photography: Seán Daly