Olivia Gavin

Olivia Gavin


My name is Olivia Gavin, a Creative Digital Media graduate. I have a wide range of technical skills, with my main passions being UX/UI Design, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. One of my favourite group projects was creating a business called “Museek”, as part of the European Creative Futures programme. I designed the UX/UI of the website and was the brand design manager.

For my final year project, I worked in a group to create “Flavafest”, a healthy eating and wellness initiative that is an add on for festivals around Ireland. Flava Fest is big on cultural experience, inclusivity, and interaction. The interaction aspect is focused on self-paced learning and gamification. My role was the interaction manager, I created “FlavaQuest”, an interactive healthy eating educational, using Augmented Reality. In addition, I designed the “Nutrition passport” that’s part of the game, and created a game design document to support the gameplay.

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Course: creative digital media

Year: 2024

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