Phoebe Corrigan

Phoebe Corrigan


Hi, I'm Phoebe! For my final year, I wanted to create a project that was informative, functional and visually comforting. To achieve this I wrote, illustrated, and designed a book dedicated to children with cancer. It tells a story of a little girl being guided around the hospital by her teddy-bear doctor, showing her what to expect when being tested and treated for cancer. For children this topic is usually approached in a metaphorical way depicting a family member suffering from cancer so instead I decided to focus more on the factual / medical standpoint of children going through cancer treatment experience themselves.

Additionally I created a kinetic type based video to accompany the book which addresses childhood cancer awareness and advice on how to speak to someone with cancer or a cancer caregiver.

Phoebe Corrigan :: Image/Video


Course: visual communication

Year: 2023

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