Róisín Mohally

Róisín Mohally


My work presents a series of vessels that act as a metaphor for grief. I view a vessel as an empty space that suggests the absence of a memory, person, object or feeling. My practice explores the dichotomy between comfort and discomfort and confronts the viewer in a direct way.

My material led process utilises marks, folds, tears and shapes within clothing to reveal the traces of a person. I believe that we become attached to a person's clothing after they pass and that such material has the capacity to reveal a shape, tell a story and retain a memory of a life.

The use of soft materials and processes like crochet and knitting are juxtaposed with hard materials like chains, poles, wire and welded metal.

Long layers of printed matter reveal unravelling sculptural forms which evoke knots, and reflect a memory or time lapse within my practice.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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