Ronja Lagerqvist

Ronja Lagerqvist


I want this work to draw attention to the systems and practices in Ireland which have led to the current housing crisis, and the ways in which it has shaped the nation’s landscape. From the inability to afford habitable housing or it’s inevitable upkeep throughout the years, to the ever-growing plight of dereliction that has plagued our cities and towns.
I also want to highlight the negative impact this has had on the ever-increasing burden of homelessness. One of the consequences of the eagerness of planners and architects to create new build, while allowing deterioration and ultimate desolation blight the urban and rural landscape without addressing the needs of a changing and evolving economic and social situation.
The stationary used to hang the work, is a deliberate strategy that mimics the political, bureaucratic attitudes to this problem. Vulnerable facets of society hanging by a thread, their issues never properly addressed, while nimbyism and local political clout drive forward developments that only cater to a select few.


Course: fine art

Year: 2022

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Photography: Seán Daly