Roselyn McNally

Roselyn McNally


**‘Geometry lies behind everything as a living force, Not as a dead, abstract, intellectual invention, But as a reality in motion.’ **

*David Nash (b. 1945), artist and sculpture *

My work is about navigating through the landscape and my solitary roaming of the natural environment and, in contrast, being mindful of not disrupting the ecosystem. My focus is on addressing the fragility the human footprint can cause on the environment and finding a balance between appreciation and nurture. I work mainly in print, mixed media, and sculpture. I use techniques such as burning paper, laser cutters and natural objects. I am conscious of the ephemeral quality of my work.

Juggling motherhood and being a full-time carer, the landscape has become a response to obtaining a solitary meditative experience. I am interested in the works of Rodrigo Arteaga (b.1988), poet W.S Merwin (1927-2019), David Nash (b. 1945), and Also, through ecological intervention how artists are addressing the tipping point of sustainability and climate change in their work.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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