Sebastian Beausang

Sebastian Beausang


With over six years of hands-on experience, including notable productions like "The Fall Guy" in Sydney, Australia, and "An Cailin Ciuin," coupled with RTE and TG4 projects, I offer practical knowledge aligned with my film industry aspirations. Directing and producing films are my passions, evident in my final year project.

"Tainted Virtue" delves into Gabriel's post-death reflection, exploring how his relationship with his mother shapes his decisions and afterlife, prompting viewers to ponder life's complexities and enduring connections.

"CVR" redefines storytelling by merging live action with 3D modelling, creating immersive experiences. This innovative approach pioneers a new film language, aiming to captivate audiences with thought-provoking narratives.

Sebastian Beausang :: Image/Video


Course: creative digital media

Year: 2024

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