Tracey O'Dwyer

Tracey O'Dwyer


My work explores the properties of ritual , specifically ancient Shamanic practices. In the context of my Art practice I am investigating ceremonial materials and objects along with the elemental process of fire ,earth, water and air which are present in most ceremonies.

Having personally participated in different ceremonies in Ireland, Europe and the United States I could see there were certain qualities that were inherent in all ceremonies regardless of religion, nationality or beliefs. It is the resonance of these ceremonies that I am most interested in recreating within my studio practice.

I have been photographing sacred objects and interviewing different people who participate in these practices including a high Shaman, Buddhist and indigenous Fire Ceremony holder.

I continue to investigate what is behind all these practices including the scientific and practical evidence at the root of them. I am also researching Artists that use some of these methods and philosophies within their work specifically Artists that use performance and ritual including Marcus Coates , Rebecca Horn and Eric Paul Riege.


Course: fine art

Year: 2023

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